Foldable Kids Swing Scooter Push Drifting

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Foldable Kids Swing Scooter Push Drifting with Adjustable Handle for Kids Age 3+

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Foldable Kids Swing Scooter Push Drifting with Adjustable Handle for Kids Age 3+

  • Exercise for Fun – The three-wheeled, self-propelling scooters are all kid-powered. Using the same motions as downhill skiing, riders only need to move their hips and legs from side to side to get going and keep moving.
  • Safety in Mind – Reinforced lightweight steel frame with three-wheeled construction which makes it easy for kids to handle, yet sturdy enough to last for years. The quick response hand brake offers kids increased control and security for a fun ride!
  • Comfortable Ride – 13.4″ large footboards allow kids to maintain balance at greater speeds, and allow riders to turn on a dime. Handle adjustable for different heights to accommodate kids age 3+.
  • Easy to Carry & Store – An easy twist and stow folding system make it ready to go wherever you take it!
  • Swing scooter specifications: Unfold: 36.2 x 22.2 x 34.5-38 inch ; Folded: 36.2 x 8.2 x 6.1 inch ; Product Weight: 15.4 lbs; Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

How to ride your 3-wheel scooter:

Step 1. Put your feet appropriately for the show.

Step 2. Balance your body from left to right and repeat this action, then the scooter will move easily and continuously.

How to adjust the scooter brake— brakes are made to be adjustable, just loosen the bolt and pull wire tighter with needle-nose pliers.


Scooter material: Reinforced lightweight steel frame

Wheel size: 125mm

Brakes: Front fender

Footboards: 13.4 * 3.9 inch

Product Size(Approx.): 36.2*22.2*34.5-38 inch

Folded Size(Approx.): 36.2*8.2*6.1 inch

Product Weight(Approx.): 15.4 lbs

Max User Weight: 220 lbs

Recommended for ages 3 and older

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