Lightweight Hardside 3 Piece ABS Luggage Set

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Lightweight Hardside 3 Piece ABS Luggage Set with Spinner Suitcase 20″ 24″ 28″

Additional Information

Lightweight Hardside 3 Piece ABS Luggage Set with Spinner Suitcase 20″ 24″ 28″


[Selected Material and Chic Design] Premium ABS Material makes this hard shell luggage set strong enough to withstand impact during trips for long-lasting durability and aesthetics. Decorated with a stylish, unique oblique line pattern and high sheen finish, your luggage will transform into a fashion accessory.

[Optimized Traveling Experience] Upgraded metal handle has a 3-level adjustment for 20’ suitcase and 2-level adjustment for 24” and 28” suitcases for maximized convenience and ease of use in any situation. The 360° nylon spinner wheels are designed for smooth and silent gliding and are designed to withstand frequent trips.

[Spacious Storage Solution] Set of 3 sizes, the roomy interior is fully lined with an elastic cross ribbon and zipped divider. It allows you to not only neatly keep clothes and shoes, but also keeps small accessories well organized. The extra full mesh pocket is great for storing files or cables so that you can grab them easily without digging through the entire case.

[Secured Journey and Easy Storage] With the easy set up 3-digit combination lock, your items will be kept safely. When coming back from an unforgettable trip, you can keep the small and medium luggage cases neatly tucked into the 28” one for space-saving storage.

[Warranty] This set contains luggage cases in 3 sizes to satisfy your needs for different types and lengths of the journey. A 2-year over-long warranty will offer you a worry-free guarantee.

Product Description

The luggage set is designed to provide travelers with comfort, functionality, reliability, and peace of mind. This 3 piece suitcase set features one 28inch suitcase to hold the bulk of your items for long journeys, one 24inch suitcase for checking in and one 20inch suitcase suitable for carrying onto the plane.

3 pieces will be shipped fits inside each other which offers more convenience and save much space for storage. Each luggage set is sold together and we do not sell the suitcase separately. All three-piece suitcases will be delivered in one 21x12x31 box.

Features of the luggage

Material: 100% ABS, lightweight, and durable.

4-wheels: 360° rotation, with a nylon material that is quieter and more impact resistant.

3-digit combination lock: easy to use and keeps your belongings safe.

Handle Adjustable lever for ergonomics and comfort.

Organized interior: with a mesh pocket and elastic straps you can better organize and secure your luggage.


1. The lock is set to 0-0-0 at the factory. Make sure the dials are rotated at 0-0-0 or any other code you’ve set before resetting it.

2. Push the button on the broadside, while in this position, enter your new code by rotating the dials.

3. Release the button and your combination is now set.

4. Scramble the dials and test your new code to be sure the correct one is set.


Luggage setApprox.Dimension(excluding wheels)Approx.Dimension(including wheels)Approx.WeightCapacityTravel days
20inch19.8″×14.5″×8.9″21.4″×14.5″×8.9″6.39 LBS36.9 L1~4 days
24inch23.8″×17.5″×10.2″25.4″×17.5″×10.2″7.94 LBS62.5 L4~7 days
28inch27.8″×20.5″×11.8″29.4″×20.5″×11.8″9.48 LBS98 L7~9 days