Mountain Bike with Full Suspension

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26 Inch Mountain Bike with Full Suspension 21-Speed Aluminum Frame Bicycle

Additional Information

Front & Rear Suspension

Experience a softer ride that absorbs impact with ease from both ends with front and rear suspensions, resulting in less disruptive bounce when riding on rough terrain and promoting consistent contact between the ground and your wheels when turning hard corners or on slippery terrain for optimum riding efficiency.

Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs and Shifters

21 rapid fire derailleurs and shifters allow you to power down hills, comfortably glide on flat surfaces and persevere up angled hills.

Molded Handlebar & Seat

High grade rubber gripped handle bars and bicycle seat are manufactured with the natural contours of the human body in mind for a natural fit when riding.

Heavy-Duty Pedals & Antiskid Tires

Heavy-Duty nylon pedals with built in carved grips give you enhanced security when biking while the anti-skid tires combat slippery surfaces and provide ample traction.

Frame6061 Heat Treated Alloy Frame
ForkFull Suspension designed, Certificated CPSC Approved
ShifterShimano ASLRS35LNBC & Shimano ASLRS35R7ET
Wheel Size26″x1.95, Certificated CPSC Approved
DerailleurShimano ARDTZ50GSBT
BrakesVB-968SK Linear pull brakes
PedalsFP-806 9/16″
Number of Speeds21
Frame size17“
Weight Capacity330lbs

Assembly and Tuning Required

This bicycle arrives 85% assembled. You will need to install the pedals, front wheel, handlebar and fill the tires with air.

The pedal threads differ between the left and right side. L / R marks are embossed on the spindle of each pedal, ensure they are assembled on the correct side (when riding the bike the left pedal should be on your left hand side, right pedal on right hand side). The right pedal has a right-hand thread (removes counterclockwise, installs clockwise). The left pedal has a left-hand thread (removes clockwise, installs counterclockwise).

Thread both pedals into the crank arms as far as you can by hand, then fully tighten them with the wrench. If the pedals are not fully tightened, they may become loose and damage the threads, we will not be responsible for such damages.

For safety reasons, tires are not fully inflated before shipping. Before your first ride, it’s suggested that you inflate the tires properly.