Multi-Level Cat Tree with Flexible Pole Covered with Sisal

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Multi-Level Cat Tree with Flexible Pole Covered with Sisal, Plush Perch, Hammock and Apartment, Cat Tower Furniture-For Cats and Pets

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This cat tree condominium has a multi-level design including scratched columns.
Soft land, big houses and cute toys,Provide an interesting place to rest and entertain your cat.
Cats are covered with natural sisal, which can sharpen their claws,
And can climb on pillars and mats.
The soft bass provides you with a comfortable resting place,
The top edge ensures safety.
2 large apartments lead your cat to rest or sleep to maintain privacy.
The ball with bells also brings extra joy to your cat.
Even better, the reinforced bottom layer and safety belt ensure its stability.
Without going out, your cat can play and relax in the tree and enjoy the same fun!
two fur balls can respond to kittens’ move intensively and draw their attention!


1. Multi-layer cat tree: covered with sisal, longhair bass, hammock and apartment scraper, cat tower furniture (cats and pets).
2. One-stop relaxation: spacious apartments and large hammocks provide a luxurious siesta experience; the soft high-edged residence allows your cat to lie on its back when looking up at the house.
3. Always put stability in the first place: it is made of CARB-certified natural particleboard with slats at the bottom to ensure overall stability. Includes anti-dumping accessories to ensure double safety
4. Soft sisal column: a reinforced column wrapped with natural sisal rope to scrape nails and promote movement; this cat tree is an ideal place for cats to jump around.
5. Sturdy and safe: The economical foundation can ensure that the entire cat tree is strong and stable; the attached safety belt can prevent the cat tree tower from collapsing.

product description



Main color: light gray

Material: CARB P2 environmental protection board + plush cloth cover

Packing size: 24.4 ” * 8.3″ * 16.5″

Product weight: 40.8 lb (18.5 kg)

Need some simple assembly


Package Contents:

-1 x cat tree

-1 x instructions